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By now it's no secret. Our thoughts are powerful. When we are positive and lead with love, we are able to feel better and more capable of reaching our goals. By contrast, when we are indulging our egoic nature or being controlled by negative programming,  manifesting our goals can feel impossible. Making them a reality can seem as far away as the positive thought that can make things happen. 

But It doesn't have to be so hard. If you are ready to see 5 underlying negative beliefs that may be stopping you from creating the world you want, I am ready to show them to you. Take a look. You may already be aware that you have them, and just need the right motivation to surrender them once and for all.  

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Welcome to the sparkle zone! Join me on the journey!


jgirldivine: welcome to the sparkle zone

A little bit of Sparkle. A whole lot of Shine!

It wasn't easy for me to get to a place of empowerment. I had to work. Hard. And everyday, until I have arrived at a place of complete surrender and total liberation, I  have to work to remain there. And that's okay.  Because I understand one important thing. My light matters. What I create with my light also matters. And I'm the only one who can create from my light.

Instead of feeling like a dumping ground for negativity, I had to decide to take a stand. The vastness of the universe can be a wondrous  playground if one is ready to accept the limitlessness of the divine Self. I was born to walk a path of light, of love, of freedom and perfect empowerment. To express my divine creative potential in ways that gratify and honor the beauty of my inherent nature. And so were you!

The awareness that unites us in the perfection of our creativity has been veiled in a framework of chaos. The stillness underneath holds the treasures that grant us immense power. Be fair to yourself. Your thoughts are creating your world. So if you constantly anchor yourself to the negative, your reality will look a lot more gloomy than it has to be. Pay attention to your thoughts and surrender the ones that are dragging you down. As you select powerful thoughts to shape your experience, build an empire of prosperity that sparkles and shines. You deserve it!heart-40655_1280

Hugs and Blessings

 You Don't have to Be Frustrated With Your Life.





You have A choice. You can decide what happens next. But getting this type of power doesn't come over night. You have to work for it. You have to be willing to become disciplined in wrangling your rogue thoughts to the ground and getting them to behave. 











It's Here. ME ON CAMERA!

 It occurred to me that everyone is on a journey toward something. I just happen to be on a journey toward personal truth and divine empowerment. That's how I came up with the name JGirlDivine, the shortened version of Journey Girl Divine.  

After everything I have been through, I never thought this day would come. But it's here. Me. Out in the world. Actually talking to people. Using JGirlDivine as a platform for all kinds of empowerment. Bringing all the amazing advice that the world has been waiting on. It took me a long time to work up the courage to go on camera. What a blessing! So Now is your chance to catch my special brand of wisdom online. I don't know where the journey will take me. I'm excited to find out. 



JGirlDivine (Journey Girl Divine), a Youtube channel that speaks to the struggles of walking the path of awakening, is a long awaited creation that was inspired by more than a decade of spiritual growth and experience. Personal empowerment often comes through learning to conquer obstacles, and the wisdom that comes from these videos is tailor made to help you to do just that. Overcome the inner conflicts and rise above your hidden deceptions that lead to limitations. Check out and subscribe to this little gem.


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