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download (1)One Joyful Journey was founded with the intention to provide positive nourishment to anyone who is in the process of spiritual awakening or Self Discovery. It is a treasure box for provoking positive thoughts, trans formative outlooks, smiles and personal empowerment. It takes into consideration that joy, prosperity, love and healing are a part of our birthright regardless of external conditions.  

About The Writer


Hello there you fabulous person! I'm so happy you decided to check out the site.  You're in the right place if you're looking for a source of strength, motivation and courage to help you on your journey.

I'm no stranger to struggle. I spent almost 15 years uncovering and exploring the nature of consciousness through an intense path.

I resisted much of my awakening process, mostly because it didn't resemble the rainbow and cotton candy paths that seemed to be prevalent in much of the commercially New Age Movement.

My road toward Self discovery had me sorting through the conflict of past lives, empathic disturbances, hypersensitivity and karmic vibrational struggles. It was brutal to say the least.

But after a while, I decided to stop. Stop fighting. Stop judging. Stop reacting. It took a long while, but eventually I became aware of the wisdom in my path. All of it, both terrifying and beautiful has been exactly what's been necessary to get me to where I am today. And I am filled with gratitude that I've come this far. 

Along my path of self discovery I have found strength in embracing the divine spark of limitless creative potential. I'm a work in progress and for me, surrendering to the Greater Intelligence isn't always easy. I must admit I don't always bring my A Game. I'm human and sometimes I have to forgive myself when I fall short. But regardless of my progress or lack there of, I do my best  to remember one important thing:

 I am not the Body. I am not Mind. I am not the Thought propelled by suffering. I AM the great Observer. I AM the Awareness behind the noise. I AM the power behind the pain. Suffering is part of a dream and I AM she who awakes and gives birth to her SELF.  

I've learned that in the scheme and magnitude of who we are, there are higher principles at work that go beyond the comforts, identities and concepts of the Ego. Learning to surrender these principles is part of our work.

 To Trust Love. To Trust God. To Trust the Wisdom of Higher Consciousness. To trust the Now.  To find gratitude despite the illusion of misery. To find stillness in the onset of chaos-- these are some of the greatest spiritual goals worth achieving.  And they are achievable. We just have to learn to let go.  

I know. It seems hard sometimes. But the road to enlightenment wasn't meant to be easy. For starters, we have to find the courage to face the darkest parts of ourselves in order to reemerge into light. And sometimes just looking in the mirror can be the most difficult part. But in the end, if we can accept who we are with love and compassion, nothing becomes too hard. This is probably the biggest challenge, but if mastered delivers the most rewards.

So keep working toward that perfect place of empowerment. Don't give up. Trust that you are being led to something greater. Trust that your efforts aren't in vain. And trust that even if the environment isn't comfortable, you will get the fuel that you need to make it through. Even if it's at a little blog called One Joyful Journey.   


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