Two Reasons Why Today is Awesome


Who likes Wednesdays? I do, I do! It's the middle of the week, Wednesday October 4th and for those of you who are less enthused about so called "hump day",  National Taco Day and the Nobel Prize may be two reasons why you should reconsider your apathy.

National Taco Day

Taco chains around the nation today are offering taco fans great deals in honor of the the crunchy treat. Who doesn't like a good taco? It's crunchy. It's zesty. It's a literal carnival in your mouth. It was said that last year Americans ate over 4.5 billion tacos! While you can join the fun at Taco Bell with their National Taco Day Gift Set  or any of these exciting options, why not throw your own taco fiesta with these oh-so-yum vegetarian taco recipes. Compassionate snacking is where it's at these days. Especially when it's purposeful to protect our furry friends.  



Nobel Chemistry Prize Announced

Attention smart people who know hard stuff. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, who has been responsible for selecting the Nobel Laureates in Chemistry since 1901, has selected Jacques Dubochet, Joachim Frank and Richard Henderson as the winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their technique  cryo-electron microscopy, a revolutionary breakthrough that has allowed scientists to study molecules in unprecedented resolution. Cryo-Electron Microscopy produces images of the molecule of life in frozen in time. Whoa. Very cool. This has made it possible for scientists to film biochemical processes as they occur, paving the way for new insight and groundbreaking discoveries of how the molecules of diseases function and of course new insight in the treatments of those diseases.


That's right folks. Taco's and award-winning scientists. Two very cool things. We have both to rely upon to make our world a better place and this is part of what makes today awesome. In what other world can we celebrate the inherent genius of mankind alongside a sloppy tasty snack best eaten with our grubby little hands? Your welcome.




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