Going Beyond Your Physical Experience

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You are not the body.

That seems to be the starting point for everybody. If you can begin to accept that there is more to us than what we can see and touch, then this is where you build from.
There is more to being human than the physical world and the physical experience. We have emotions. We have thoughts. We have intuitive experiences. We bear witness to miracles and sometimes are the c0-creator of those miracles. And these  miracles can go beyond human explanation.

When we begin to take our experience from a place of honoring the multi-dimensional part of our existence, we can open ourselves to higher truths, seeing that we are being guided but something greater than ourselves.

 You are not the body. You are not the mind.

You are a spiritual being experiencing itself through the physical senses and the material plane.  And that experience can be a lonely one when we subscribe to the belief that we are on our own and our physical experience is separate from the magnitude of the universe.
Believing in a state of separateness strengthens the illusion that we must solely rely on the limited version of our capabilities. But we are more than the story told to us by our physical senses. Our nature is to dwell in a state of completion and wholeness, pushing beyond and freeing ourselves from the boundaries set before us by restrictive conditioning. When we go back to that place of perfect love and reside there, we can truly experience the brilliance of all that we are. There is no doubt there. Only love.

You are not the body. You are not the mind. You are the spirit. Pure, creative potential rooted in love and wisdom, experiencing the highs and lows of humanity as a method to learn to reconnect to the Divine Self.

You are not separate from your divinity. You never have been. Remembering who you are will always help you to know that you have everything you need to love, heal, create and be all that you wish to express in this world. And this is where miracles can truly begin.

If you wish to learn more about your nature, you may find interest in my program Brave Beyond Boundaries.




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