What’s A Vibration and Why The Heck Does It Matter?



Ever go to a place and feel completely drained and heavy? Maybe even sick?Or maybe  you met a new person last week and you felt totally energized just be being around them.Everybody has one, but most people don't waste too much time thinking about it. It's called a vibration.

So what the heck is a vibration?

My definition is simple enough. Vibration is the energetic frequency of the subtle body, or the energy state of a person place or thing. Like may things in life, we measure vibration in polarities. It is either considered to be High or Low, positive or negative. But again like many things in life, the vibration of a person can change and fluctuate as they experience the ups and downs of the life journey. One is rarely only one or the other. Consider it to flow in a spectrum or range.

You will find that individuals with higher vibrations tend to be positive people. They are able to easily access love based emotions like gratitude, joy, forgiveness and freedom. They can experience transcendental spiritual shifts easier and find less difficulty in basking in connection with the higher self. On the whole, the higher ones vibration, the happier one is considered to be.

By contrast, individuals who are vibrating low will often find themselves struggling with fear based conditions like that of depression, loneliness, anger, jealousy, and violence. They may find difficulty with surrender and can often times feel stuck or unable to let go of past hurts.

While some people would classify these observations as symptoms of having a low vibration or high vibration, I would say that they tend to affect one another.  For instance, subscribing to low vibrating thoughts create an orientation of having a low vibration. Being in such a state then  influences symptoms that in turn sustains the lowered vibration. The same could be said for high vibration.

So Why Should I Care?

Being  in a state of gratitude and love are a hallmark in the process of ones positive creative potential.  It can be said that the higher one is vibrating, the easier it can become to manifest and reach positive goals. A high vibration will often birth high vibrating thoughts and intentions. Following trend, those thoughts and intentions will solidify into manifesting ones desires.

But when we find ourselves subscribing to fear based emotions like doubt, worry or fear, we end up weakening our creative and manifesting potential. It's not to say that calling blessings into our world halts, but we tend to find more obstacles crop up in the process.


So Then Shoot for  High Vibration All Day, All The Time Right?

Having a higher vibration is pretty awesome. The higher one's frequency the more connected one can becomes with their divine nature and the awareness of unconditional love and universal oneness. But sometimes even this can have it's drawbacks. Some higher vibrating people end up with hypersensitivity, empathic symptoms  and difficulty processing lower frequencies as they evolve. They can even contend with the kind of mood swings that may  mimic the symptoms of a low vibration. In these cases they have to learn to navigate the world from a place of balance and patience as they continue to process the energies around them while growing into the truer versions of themselves.

Even with its difficulties, being in a higher state is worthwhile for anyone understanding the call of awakening. If one wishes to continue to grow spiritually, finding stability in the joy of higher vibrations is part of it.

That said, there are a lot of great ways to raise your vibration. Many times it can be as simple as  writing in a gratitude journal or listening to soothing music. Some people can raise their vibration just by thinking positive thoughts. Other times it may take a little more work and commitment, but you will often find that enjoying this orientation is worth the effort in the long run.

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  1. Vishnu June 19, 2016 at 5:26 pm - Reply

    A high vibrational post! Thank you for sharing your light with the world. Lot of great tips on increasing our daily vibrations. I need to be more consistent daily about gratitude.

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