Problem Affirmations


problem solver affirmations

You are a powerful problem solver. You just need to know where to look to find the answers to your most profound question. To every lock there is a key--to every conflict, a solution. Open your heart to the magnitude of your inner wisdom. The power to overcome your obstacles can always be found in the perfection of the boundless love within you.

When faced with any difficulty, stop focusing on the problem and center yourself. Take 1-2 minutes to deep breath and find your balance. Then when you are ready, repeat one of the following affirmations to yourself until you find the power in it. Start to believe what you are saying and you will begin to feel better.

Problem Affirmations:

  • I Am Love
  • I overcome my obstacles through the power of love
  • Love leads me to find perfect solutions for my difficulties
  • I Am healed through love
  • Love sets me free
  • My love makes me more powerful than any problem
  • I love me and that is enough
  • Inside myself lies all answers to all questions.
  • My inner wisdom leads me with love and I am able to solve any problem



Jenee Fernandes Jones

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The divine spark that lives within us all permeates every part of us once we begin to awaken to the nature of our true self. Joy is an intrinsic value that exists in us all. One Joyful Journey is the creation of Jenee Fernandes Jones, a writer and student of holistic and natural living.

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