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It's finally here. ME ON CAMERA! Bringing all the amazing advice that you've been waiting on. It took me a long time to work up the courage to go on camera. What a blessing!



JGirlDivine (Journey Girl Divine), a Youtube channel that speaks to the struggles of walking the path of awakening and transformation is a long awaited creation that was inspired by more than a decade of spiritual growth and experience. Personal empowerment often comes through learning to conquer obstacles, and the wisdom that comes from these videos is tailor made to help you to do just that. Overcome the inner conflicts and rise above your hidden deceptions that lead to limitations. Check out and subscribe to this little gem.  Watch on Youtube or Subscribe Now!



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Jenee Fernandes Jones

About Me Jenee Fernandes Jones

The divine spark that lives within us all permeates every part of us once we begin to awaken to the nature of our true self. Joy is an intrinsic value that exists in us all. One Joyful Journey is the creation of Jenee Fernandes Jones, a writer and student of holistic and natural living.

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