Returning to Love with Marianne Williamson

Posted on Oct 6 2015 - 4:05pm by Jenee Fernandes Jones

The Book:


How I Got It:

I had recently been in touch with a dear friend that I had known from elementary school. We hadn't been in contact for about two decades, and somehow this didn't matter. We didn't spend too much time catching up either. Details such as these are frivolous in the scheme of the greater plan. I don't exactly remember when or how my mailing address was given, but one day I received a wonderful surprise in the mail. It was an amazon box containing this book. I read the gift inscription and instantly felt my heart fill with love. She expressed how the book had changed her life and that she wanted to share it with me.  The gift was a complete surprise. It was a gift that I had never asked for, but had been given nonetheless in the spirit of love.  My heart is flowing with love for her and her generosity.


Why I Loved It:

Marianne Williamson takes great care in exploring the themes found in a Course In Miracles. She lays out her personal journey and transformation with gentle wisdom and beautifully written details that surround you like a warm bath of compassion. Her words speaks to you in a language that your ego can understand while showering you with divine truth that your soul comprehends. You will probably already know many of the things she talks about in this book, but she will remind you of them, present them from a fresh perspective that will keep you going back to it like an old wise friend.  You may even shed a tear or two when she hits home with a point.


Who Should Read it:

Anyone who is going through a hard time. Anyone who is starting a spiritual journey. Anyone who strives to become a better person. Anyone who likes Oprah, Deepak, Louise and Doreen. As you can see, I'm on a first name basis with them all.










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