21 Joy Affirmations to Start Your Day




About Your Affirmations:

Reciting affirmations may seem cheesy to some, but the best thing to remember is that they work to re-program the negative patterns that are already running in the subconscious ind. It helps to recite them many times during the day to increase their effectiveness and build up their power. It is also  recommended that you avoid opposite thoughts that would counteract the affirmation that you are currently using. Be positive. Try to adopt the emotions of the affirmation and really feel the vibration around the new thoughts you are attempting to create. Little by little, you may see that you are moving in the direction of transformation as you develop new ways of thinking. 


  1. I Am a joyful being. 
  2. I allow joy to come to me abundantly from all directions of my world. 
  3. I Am Joy. 
  4. I Am filled with the vibration of joy. 
  5. I fill my life with joy and surround myself with joyful people who help to expand the blessing of joy in my life. 
  6. I fulfill my daily tasks with joy and this helps me to become more productive. 
  7. No matter how difficult things may become, my spirit of joy is always protected. 
  8. I remain joyful even in stressful times 
  9. The desire for joy in my life is powerful and my joy grows greater every day. 
  10. My life is blissful as I attract infinite opportunities to experience more joy each day. 
  11. Joy lives within me and is constantly expanding within my consciousness . 
  12. I allow myself to receive blessings of joy from God and the Universe. 
  13. I live each day with joy and this brings me happiness. 
  14. I AM a joyful person and my life is filled with the treasures of joy. 
  15. I engage in activities that cultivate joy and I am attracted to activities that magnify my joyfulness. 
  16. I am so joyful everyday that I feel like singing and dancing. 
  17. The beauty in the world and in my surroundings brings me joy. 
  18. The compassion that I have for myself helps me to feel joyful. 
  19. Joy exists inside of me and I feel the light of joy growing more brightly each day. 
  20. Being around my family, friends and loved ones brings me great joy. 
  21. I will always choose joy over sadness, misery and suffering. I choose joy everyday from this day forward.





Jenee Fernandes Jones

About Me Jenee Fernandes Jones

The divine spark that lives within us all permeates every part of us once we begin to awaken to the nature of our true self. Joy is an intrinsic value that exists in us all. One Joyful Journey is the creation of Jenee Fernandes Jones, a writer and student of holistic and natural living.

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