7 Amazing Ways to Incorporate Avocado Oil into Your Beauty Regimen.



Hold the Guacomole! Avocado is fast becoming king of the trailblazers, finding new ways to provide its green goodness into our lives. Its chock full of vitamin E which acts as an antioxident and it contains a wonderful helping of fatty acids.  If you're not already doing it, why not explore some new ways to get cozy with avocado.  

1. Amazing Makeup Remover

Got stubborn Eye Makeup? Avocado oil to the rescue! Apply a bit of avocado oil to the eye and or entire face and let sit for a few minutes. Then soak a towel or soft cloth in hot to warm water and gently wipe away your makeup. Voila! Your face is fresh and clean and ready for washing. 


2. Facial Scrub

A bit of brown sugar or oatmeal and avocado oil make for a wonderful facial scrub. Grab a handful of sugar and moisten with a squirt of avocado oil. Scrub the face gently to slough off all the dead skin. Wash away with warm water. Your skin will be as smooth as a baby.


3. Body Massage

What's better than a full body massage? A full body massage with Avocado oil added to increase moisture in the skin. Some say Avocado oil is even more moisturizing than coconut oil. Either way, your skin will be so supple to the touch that you'll want to hug yourself. Use avocado oil as a carrier oil and add a drop of lavender for calming,  a drop of frankincense for grounding or bergamot for energizing.



4. Lotion Mask

If you haven't heard of a lotion mask, you need to get on the ball. Lotion Masks are the rage in Asian countries and a great way to nourish the skin and pamper the face. Add avocado oil to a store bought serum or create a basic serum mixing avocado oil with a drop of your favorite essential oil for face. Rose oil or Sandalwood are good ones.  Then add your serum to a bowl of rosewater or spring water. Place a paper mask or a substitute to soak in to the mixture for 10 minutes then apply to your face for another 10-15 mintues.   This method was made famous by  Chizu Saeki of Japan.Her technique for lotion masks can be found here.  


5.Hot Oil Treatment for Hair

Is your your hair in need of some major moisture? Let avocado oil dance a duet with your favorite coconut oil.Mix 3 tablespoons of avocado oil with 3 tablespoons of coconut oil and heat in a saucepan. Test the oil to make sure it's not too hot, then divide the hair in sections, massaging the oil in. Wear a shower cap for 45 minutes. For a more intense therapy sit under the dryer. Wash and style as usual.


6.Lip exfoliation

Taking care of your lips requires more than chap stick. Like your face, your smackers also accumulate dead skin and require a bit of scrubbing. A bit of brown sugar, honey and avocado oil is a perfect way to reclaim the pink in your lips.  If you prefer a more basic routine, simply Massage with plain avocado oil for 3-4 minutes and wash away with cool water.


7. Super Oil Leave-in Moisturizer

Fly away frizz is not fun, but avocado's super moisturizing qualities will tame your hair in an instant. Try mixing 1 part  avocado oil to 1 part jojoba oil, Coconut oil and or Macadamia oil. You'll wonder how you ever went without it for so long.




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