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It's not always easy--choosing joy over suffering.  Especially when there seems to be so much bad in the world and life itself seems permeated with misery and frustration. During times when the walls seem to spring from the ground, the blockages toward personal freedom can tear at the spirit of liberation.  That said, it's no secret that your journey toward enlightenment can be a long winding road filled with perilous threats to the resilience of your joy and freedom. 

But you always have the power to choose. Understand that nothing that has happened in your life can change the marvel of who you are and nothing that has happened can take away your right to be an expression of something different.  

Joy is a brave choice. It is a choice that must be chosen purposefully without restriction. It is a choice that does not have to be dictated by external circumstances. 

As you walk your winding road, rise up and refuse to be limited by what you see, what you hear, what you feel. Break free of the emotional restrictions of sickness, financial distress or whatever material limitation that threatens your serenity . Break free of the mind set that drowns your joy in a heap of toxic perspectives. Make a commitment to yourself to find joy on your winding road, wherever it may lead you. Know that it's alive. It's real, and it will bring you to a treasure of hidden jewels that will prosper your life.

Peace and Blessings,
Jenee Fernandes Jones




About Me
Jenee Fernandes Jones


Jenee Fernandes Jones
believes in the unlimited power
of the divine spark that lives within
the human spirit. She is a
creative expressionist and
student of holistic and natural living
with more than a decade of experience. 


The Three G's of Joyful Living Along the Path of Personal Growth


Finding Joy Upon the Path of Your Self Discovery


joyfulquickstart, personal growthJoy is a vibration. Bringing yourself in agreement with this helps you to trust in the internal wisdom that speaks to this truth. Joy is abundant, and its a vibration that has always existed inside of you. It belongs to you whether you bask in it or not. Coming to terms with this can help when you're trying to manifest the treasures of joyful living in your life.Finding joy around every corner of life may seem impossible, but it isn't elusive. There are countless ways to begin building a relationship with Joy as you would build a relationship with any helpful behavior or habit.  One has to begin somewhere.Like everything in life, it requires careful cultivation and practice. So why not follow some of these steps to begin calling the vibration of joy into your life.




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