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Going Beyond Your Physical Experience

Going Beyond Your Physical Experience

You are a spiritual being experiencing itself through the physical senses and the material plane. ...
Cook Like a Champ If Your Lazy, Unambitious and Can’t Cook

Cook Like a Champ If Your Lazy, Unambitious and Can’t Cook

  My omeletes don’t look like the stuff that dreams are made of. They are ...
The Hidden Power in Bob Marley’s Redemption Song

The Hidden Power in Bob Marley’s Redemption Song

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What’s A Vibration and Why The Heck Does It Matter?

What’s A Vibration and Why The Heck Does It Matter?

So what the heck is a vibration? It is the energetic frequency of the subtle ...
Problem Affirmations

Problem Affirmations

You are a powerful problem solver. You just need to know where to look to ...
Flirting With Life Flirt Quiz

Flirting With Life Flirt Quiz

Ever flirt with life? We would say yes. It's quite possible that your flirting style ...

Choosing Joy Even When Things Are Hard

]It's not always easy--choosing joy over suffering. It can be hard to be positive when it seems like things aren't going as we believe that they should. I get it. I totally get it. When there seems to be so much bad in the world and life itself seems permeated with misery and frustration, how do we keep it together? How do we remember who we are and where we are going?  During times when the walls seem to spring from the ground, the blockages toward personal freedom can tear at the spirit of liberation. How do we keep going?

It's no secret that your journey toward enlightenment can be a long winding road filled with perilous threats to the resilience of your joy and freedom. 

But you always have the power to choose.

Understand that nothing that has happened in your life can change the marvel of who you are and nothing that has happened can take away your right to be an expression of something different.

Joy is a brave choice. It is a choice that must be chosen purposefully without restriction. It is a choice that does not have to be dictated by external circumstances. 

As you walk your winding road, rise up and refuse to be limited by what you see, what you hear, what you feel. Break free of the emotional attachment found in the challenge of sickness, financial distress or whatever material limitation that threatens your serenity . Break free of the mind set that drowns your joy in a heap of toxic perspectives. Make a commitment to yourself to find joy on your winding road, wherever it may lead you. Know that it's alive. It's real, and it will bring you to a treasure of hidden jewels that will prosper your life.

Peace and Blessings,

Ignite Your Passion for Your Purpose

We all have a purpose. Some of us are brave enough to embrace it. Purpose gives meaning to our tribulation and helps us to feel resolution about our life direction. What many people don't realize about purpose is that we can have more than one purpose. As we evolve and grow into higher dimensions of being, what we value and desire shifts to vibrate at a similar level. We may find that what we thought was important in our lives has indeed given way to other perceptions and the old way of being and doing things feels less enchanting. We may lose passion and think we have failed.  The key is to love ourselves and the manifestation of our purpose in all it's many forms. As our purpose extends itself into new arenas, we should grow with its different expressions and allow ourselves to learn from the journey. Opening ourselves to the greater ebb and flow of our purpose allows for greater joy along the journey. 

Feeling the call toward purpose but don't know how to start? Ignite The Ultimate Purpose Unleashed at  Brave Beyond Boundaries  may be a good fit for you.  We are currently accepting applications Beta Testers. Feel free to check it out here





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